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In a captivating composition awash with emotion, a child sits on the floor, clutching a cherished teddy bear in the grip of fear, their wide eyes fixated on a menacing spider. The canvas comes alive with a dynamic play of colors, as shades of deep blue and warm orange-red saturate the scene. The child's vulnerability is heightened against the backdrop of a blue expanse, conveying a sense of unease, while accents of fiery orange-red evoke the intensity of the moment. The juxtaposition of these hues amplifies the emotional depth, creating a visual narrative that resonates with the universal childhood theme of facing fears with the comfort of a beloved companion. Acrylics on canvas. Dimensions are 50 cm by 40 cm.


  • Painting from my Puppets series. Acrylics on canvas. Dimensions are 50 cm by 40 cm. Ready for hanging on the wall. It is an original painting not a reproduction. Painted on canvas. Signed by the artist on the right corner and on the back of the painting. The painting also comes accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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