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This artwork, rich in symbolism and shrouded in an aura of mystery, depicts a lone figure exerting Herculean effort to pull a house on wheels. The house, quaint yet peculiar in its structure, features three distinct windows on its facade, each framing an occupant that represents archetypal figures of power, folly, and faith: a king, a joker, and a priest.The topmost window cradles the visage of a king. He symbolizes authority, governance, and the wielding of power over the dominion he surveys. Despite his elevated position, there's a hint of isolation, suggesting that leadership comes with the burden of solitude and the weight of decisions that rest upon his shoulders.Beneath him, the middle window captures the essence of the joker, a figure of contradictions. He represents the unpredictable nature of life, the laughter amidst sorrow, and the chaos that underpins the order of society. The joker, with his capricious presence, serves as a reminder of the folly inherent in human endeavors and the transient joy found in moments of levity.The lowest window houses the serene figure of a pries. The priest symbolizes the grounding force of belief, the comfort of rituals, and the human longing for connection with the divine.The person pulling the house embodies the human struggle and resilience. The house on wheels, with its significant occupants, represents the baggage of societal roles and the burdens we carry through life—our histories, cultures, and the collective human experience. The act of pulling the house against the backdrop of a mystical sunset suggests a journey, both personal and collective, towards understanding, enlightenment, or perhaps redemption.This painting, with its rich palette of reds and oranges casting an ethereal glow over the scene, invites the observer into a contemplation of life's profound questions. It juxtaposes the concepts of power, folly, and faith against the backdrop of human endeavor and the natural cycle of day and night, suggesting that in the twilight of existence, we are all pulling the weight of our worlds, guided by the light of our beliefs and the shadows of our doubts . Acrylics on canvas. Dimensions are 40 cm by 40 cm.


  • Painting from my Puppets series. Acrylics on canvas. Dimensions are 40 cm by 40 cm. Ready for hanging on the wall. It is an original painting not a reproduction. Painted on canvas. Signed by the artist on the right corner and on the back of the painting. The painting also comes accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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