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New painting on the easel

Ned Kelly

This painting depicts the Australian folk hero Ned Kelly, covered in rust and riding a metal, rusty horse on wheels. The scene is set in the red light of the Australian desert, with a sandstorm brewing in the distance.

The painting is full of symbolism. The rust represents Kelly's outlaw status, as well as the passage of time. The metal horse is a reminder of Kelly's resilience and determination, even in the face of overwhelming odds. The red light of the desert evokes a sense of danger and excitement, while the sandstorm suggests the inevitability of change.

The painting is a powerful and evocative depiction of Ned Kelly, one of Australia's most iconic figures. It is a reminder of his legacy as a rebel and outlaw, but also of his courage and determination. The painting is sure to be a conversation starter and a source of inspiration for years to come.

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